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Exciting glitter tattoos Kits

The Original Pink Glue!!

Glittering Powders  (polyester)

Best Stencils  (sticker base)

Tattoo presentation RollUp

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We have different kits:  EverYbody can do it -12 tattoos, 30 tattoos, 60 tattoos                      for gifts, events, party attraction, and just for having fun together.

Pro kit is a Bisness starter- All in one.


12 tattoos

12 stencils

1 pink glue

brushes set

4 dazzling colors


30 tattoos

30 stencils

1 pink glue

brushes set

8 dazzling colors

EverYbody can do it!

The Pro kit has everything you need for the glitter tattoos!!- 

12 dazzling glitter powders+ platinum pure white, 100 stencils of the YbodY excellent selection, brushes set and glue for 160-200 tattoos! your money maker.

UP^ "pink glue"

The original

Pink Glue

15 ml in convenient  bottle with brush =

80 to 100 tattoo's

 500ml =

2500 to 3500 tattoo's


5000 to 7000 tattoo's

UP^Glitter powders

Glitter  Polyester Powders

color catalogue

dazzling, sparkling, shimmering and glittering:

 over 50 colors and many more special powders for wedding body decorations, nail effects and fairy dust.

Our powders are so glittering  because  we pick them very early in the morning



to choose 5ml container colors


to choose 10ml bottle colors


to choose 12ml squeeze bottle colors


to choose 160ml six pack colors


to choose 20gr re-filler bags


to choose 50gr re-filler bags


to choose 150gr re-filler bags   


to choose colors by kilo


Stencils - self adhesive base



To stencils catalogue

stickers for glitter tattoo and henna.


over 1000 stickers designs contact us for more!


no minimum

contact us for the-1000 stickers deal






poster with 235  designs best selling

A Roll Up stand aluminum made available-   easy to carry, easy to set up.   


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